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Nita O'Brien - Sales Executive
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About Us

Since being established in 1890 in Aberdeen, Allan and Dey has been a major influence in the development of Fish processing and Trading in Scotland.

Allan and Dey has continued to respond to the ever changing demands of a constantly changing Seafood Industry, in its ability to adapt both to availability of species and customer trends.

The requirements of the more discerning customer is always at the forefront of Allan and Dey's philosophy, providing the customer with a wide and reliable range of products. Being continuously conscious of the Enviromental issues surrounding its products and the sustainability of its Product List are essential elements of this philosophy.

Whilst trading in fresh, frozen, smoked and shellfish products, we dominate in a range of Scottish Salmon Products. This is a logical development from our many years as a player in the growth of the Scottish Farmed Salmon industry.

As a member of the Erskine Holdings Ltd Group, over the years we have played our part as Salmon Farmers and processors and now specialise as International Traders,